Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thanks to New York

One year and a half ago I was hoping to be a in my way to become a newyorker, I can't tell in which way but a black coat and a very short haircut were part of the concept. It has been already 1 year into our "big city" experience and I have a black coat and a short haircut, but the newyorker transformation had to be canceled without reschedule date.

I couldn't put together in one sentence all the reasons for which I did not fit in NY even though I could talk shit, cut people off walking on the streets, race to get a spot in a subway car, walk for 20 blocks and realize that I was either on my cellphone or looking at the floor all the way, and get into a fight over a taxi; idiots require more than all these characteristics put together to become what reigns on the streets of this city.

It is not easy to express these kind of thoughts about this place, the streets are beautiful! During the summer the city is covered with life and colors, the smell in the air gives you energy and you feel like being part of every activity you see posted in the summer recommendations of the Time Out Magazine; during the winter the snow gives NY a nostalgic phase, you walk through the same parks amazed at how different everything looks without so much green. Bars and restaurants look inviting with their cozy appearance, and Christmas lights fill the night views with their warmth.

Fairly sad now, I already miss NYC. The place where you can walk to many diverse restaurants around the corner of your place and see such a weird mix of people and kind of workout while you walk all the way to work. What is wrong with NY then?

There is no easy way to describe it but....if it is -2 Farenheit and you see many women with 10'' high heels, no sucks, and a miniskirt then you start wondering if you feel really comfortable being surrounded by these creatures, how fake can you be in order to pretend that you are not cold only because you want to look cool or show your boobs?

2. I am sorry, but trying to communicate here is sooo tough. To begin with, English is not my first language; to finish, it seems that it is not the first language of many Americans either.

3. While you are taking a walk to enjoy the view and listen your own thoughts, why do you need people arguing over their celphone why or why they should go to the party with pink or with black, plus they seem to want everybody to be aware of their sadly unfulfilled lives by talking the loudest they can.

4. Feeling under dressed in a restaurant that has amazing food? thanks, but no thanks.

Now that I am so far away I feel bad for how unhappy such an interesting place can seem (at least to my personal taste) there are way many other things to worry in life. To follow up with this thought, I made an appointment with the hairdresser and cut my very long but high maintenance hair to a length shorter than most New Yorker men...Life is so much enjoyable now that I can have more time to observe the real beauty when I don't have to worry about my appearance.

I just hope that the people that left a print in my heart and that share the same kind of thoughts as mine find the courage and means to be where they want. Thank you New York for being part of me, thank you to those fashion freaks to teach me how not to dress, and thank you for putting us in the most beautiful track.